Guest Book

Dr. Redouane Kachach said:
    Congratulations on the organization. It has been a very interesting conference where many innovative works have been presented.

Ramesh Sitaraman said:
    Thanks for organizing an amazing conference. It was great to see the high level of engagement from the community. It was a truly enjoyable experience.

Irena Orsolic said:
    ACM MMSys’21 conference was wonderfully organized and a great chance to meet, connect and discuss ideas with experts working towards developing new and exciting multimedia experiences. With a carefully selected set of papers, interesting keynotes, and enjoyable social events, it was a great venue for both learning and making contacts. It has been a true pleasure to attend MMSys’21 on-site, thanks to the Diversity Travel Grant, and I look forward to attending future editions of the conference and further interacting with the MMSys community.

Lucia said:
    i was able to attend ACM MMSys in person this year, thanks to the diversity grant covering my travel expenses. At the conference, I was positively surprised to see many women attending in person. Probably an effect of the diversity travel grant. As a result, the conference was more balanced in terms of diversity and I could notice that the general atmosphere was more “woman friendly” with respect to similar conferences in the past. Such an atmosphere was very positive in my opinion, since the young women researchers present, even those who are usually shy, were able to connect with each other and also with the men participating to the conference. I can say that the group who was attending in person really bonded a lot, during coffee breaks and social events. I can hardly remember this level of bonding among conference participants as during this year’s MMSys. Personally, I have also made some nice contacts that will be useful for my organization, TNO, in future research proposals, so overall I’m very happy of the opportunity of participating to MMSys in person thanks to the diversity grant.

Volkan Sevinç said:
    I would like to thank every member of the organisation team. That was really good and well planned event. I'm enlightened in many ways.

Tugce Civelek said:
    What an amazing event! Thanks one more time to all contributors and organizing committee members for this wonderful hybrid conference. It was a pleasure to be able to join all sessions online. There were many interesting topics and novel ideas for the way forward. I definitely hope to join the next one in person. All the best from Munich! :)

Neha Sharma said:
    Amazing conference! :) Everything was so well organized. Loved all the social events. Great and so insightful keynotes. Feeling proud to be part of this community. :)

Ali C. Begen said:
    What an amazing community. We expected 40 people in Istanbul, we had about 50. We expected a few hundred on the live broadcast, our peak concurrent was about 330. I thank all the members of our community, the organizing committee members who spent countless hours to make this a solid conference, authors and keynoters, and the local DEKON team (Mustafa, Muge, Alev, Elif, Hakan and others) who put an awesome hybrid event together, arranged unforgettable socials and dinners, thought of everything from airport pickup to airport dropoff and beyond in great detail. Enjoy the delights and coffee, remember us each time you use the special towels (peştemal), go crazy with the Istanbul puzzles or look at one of the hand-made Kütahya Porcelain vases, coffee sets or trays. I can see us getting back to Turkey at some point. Stay well.

Hakan Sogukpinar said:
    It's a privilege to hear directly from Caitlin Kalinowski about the recent technologies they develop at Facebook Reality Labs.

Kemal Ugur said:
    Great conference: In addition to high quality academic papers, organizers managed to bring top professionals from different backgrounds. Bonus points: Having social events organized every day at great venues increased the networking opportunities

Deniz Uğur said:
    The conferance was well organized and full of wonderful people. Social events were top notch and I had great time after a great day of presentations. It was very rewarding that I had the opportunity to attend and earn 3 awards in total for my submissions as an undergraduate.

Lucile said:
    Wonderful organization, a hybrid class is a challenge, let alone a hybrid conference! Incredible work by Ali and the local organizing team, huge thanks to them! And the remote participants could appreciate the efficiency of the technical management by Dekon.

The DASH guy said:
    Attended online, I wish I could have attended in person, kudos to the live production team.

Jesús Aguilar Armijo said:
    It was the first conference I could attend in person and the experience could not be better. Well-organized, interesting talks and great participants.

Ekrem Çetinkaya said:
    It was my first in-person conference experience and I can gladly say it was above my expectations. Thank you, organization team!

Jacob Chakareski said:
    I fully enjoyed the event. Wholehearted gratitude to the organizing/program teams.