Travel Grants and Carer Awards

MMSys’21 is offering several travel grants to students as well as attendees from minority groups and less fortunate countries. This year, MMSys will also offer carer’s grants. Grants are available for any participant: author, non-author, on-site or online.

SIGMM Student Travel Grants Diversity Travel Grants Carer Awards

Please Note

Each accepted paper at MMSys’21 and the co-located workshops must be covered by a unique author registration to be included in the proceedings. A travel grant does not waive this registration requirement. Also note that the recipients of the following grants may be asked to assist the local organizers in the preparation, logistics and various supporting tasks of the conference.

To be eligible for any grant or award, the applicant must be a member of SIGMM (if not already, become a member here).

All the expenses are reimbursed after the event upon submitting the receipts to ACM. For more details on the ACM’s reimbursement process, see this.

SIGMM Student Travel Grants

SIGMM has centralized support for standard student travel for in-person participation. Any student member of SIGMM is eligible to apply, however, the students who are the first author of an accepted paper (in any track/workshop) are particularly encouraged to apply. The grants can cover any travel expenses such as airfare/shuttle, hotel and meals.

In addition to being a SIGMM member, the applicant must be enrolled in a university at the time of the application submission.

Application Procedure

The application must be submitted online from July 15th till Aug. 31st. Applications will be reviewed right after the deadline and the applicants will be notified in due time.

Diversity Travel Grants

MMSys’21 is deeply committed to providing an inclusive environment for exchanging ideas and networking. To achieve this goal, at MMSys’21 we are launching a new initiative to welcome researchers and practitioners from minority groups and less fortunate countries to join us in Istanbul by providing a number of travel grants.

Applicants should satisfy at least one of the following criteria:

The grants can cover any travel expenses such as airfare/shuttle, hotel and meals. The award amounts will be determined on a case-by-case basis and depend on the number of applications.

Application Procedure

The deadline is Aug. 31st. Include the following information in your application:

  • Full name, affiliation, postal address and email address
  • Resume
  • Authored paper(s) at MMSys’21 (in any track/workshop), if any
  • A short statement explaining the reasons for applying for the grant, including the expected benefits that you will have from attending MMSys’21

The documents above should be combined into a single PDF file in the order outlined above and the PDF should be emailed to diversity-chairs AT as an attachment. The email should have the subject: MMSys’21 Diversity Travel Grants.

Carer Awards

SIGMM is sponsoring carer awards for MMSys'21 to allow SIGMM members to fully engage with the online event or attend in person. These grants are intended to cover extra costs to help with caring responsibilities — for example, healthcare or childcare back at home or at the destination — would otherwise limit your participation in the conference. Carer awards are open to any SIGMM member regardless of the online or in-person participation.

Application Procedure

To apply, complete this form between July 15th and Aug. 31st, and let us know a fair estimate of your costs as well as how you arrived at that estimate. For example, you may use the average hourly rate for childcare where you live or the conference is.